Lose the Carpet!

As far as office or commercial flooring goes, many people have the misconception that carpeting is the cheapest and best option for a large space. In some cases this may be true, but here are a few reasons why hard surface flooring is better.

Allergens. Carpeting and carpet tiles trap dust, pollen, and other allergens in their fibers as soon as the airborne particles settle. As a matter of fact, carpeting can hold up to 100X more allergens than hard surface flooring.

Easy to Clean. Hard surface flooring such as hardwoods, laminates, and tile are much easier to keep clean, as opposed to carpeting. Also, when deep cleaning is needed, you won’t need to call in a flooring professional to steam or scrub.

Nicer Looking. You can be much more versatile in decorating with hard surface flooring, than you can with carpeting. There is such a variety of different looks you can achieve through different textures, finishes, and colors.

What are other reasons you prefer hard surface flooring to carpeting?

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5 thoughts on “Lose the Carpet!

  1. Carpet will help clean the air in your office as it act like a filter. Unless you are washing/wiping down your hard surface floor every day carpet is the cleaner choice. Regular vacuuming will remove a majority of any dust or allergens present. It’s also quieter and more comfortable. I do agree hard surface flooring could be a more attractive option for style though.

  2. You make a good point, Mike…hard surface flooring is noisier if there is a lot of foot traffic. Also, we can all agree that it is the nicer looking option! Thanks for your input, guys!

  3. Completely agree with not placing carpet in high traffic areas that receive’s daily abuse. Most like the comfort of carpet and the sound is damped greatly. Although carpet is nice flooring surfaces such as hardwood or tile last longer but are a tad more expensive. Plus, the up keep on hard flooring services are spread at greater distances and intervals when needing to be cleaned, unlike carpet.

  4. The sound reduction off foot steps can be equal or better comparing carpeting to hard flooring. As there are a lot of hard flooring to sell with a contact sound reduction of 18 dB, or even lower.
    Also, there are a lot of discussions going on about the indoor sound absorbtion of carpeting are as good as the say they are. I think you get better results with furniture, wallcovering and window covering.
    The only reason to decide to chose carpeting is the price.

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