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For all of your commercial flooring needs in the Kansas City area, contact Interior Surface.


3 thoughts on “Answer Our Poll!

  1. Concrete is a great alternative. You do have to consider control joints for large pours. Hands down, however, I’m a hardwood floor fan. Yes, you have to make sure you select the correct wood for your lifestyle…but that’s why we rely on flooring experts to help guide us.

  2. Since I manage a stone and ceramic/porcelain Gallery I have to say these tiles are my flooring favorites. Next time you have a chance stop in to a good quality showroom and look at the finish options in this flooring world……it’s wide open…!!! From incredible wood looks (great maintenance -when you don’t want to use real wood) to metallics (magnifique), porcelains that truly look like stone (again, great maintenance)……….glass tile……..yes, some can be used on the floor even in commercial applications ….all with endless design possibilities, sizes, installation options………colors, textures………residential, commercial, architectural!!!!

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